House Boat - Hanuwantiya

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Hanuwantiya House Boat. 2 Houseboats have 3 well furnished rooms on each boat and seating arrangement on the upper deck.
Food : Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Tea, Dinner and included in this package. Pure Veg and Non-Veg food will be available on the order basis.
Note: Houseboat rounds subject to weather conditions.

  • Boriyamal Island Adventure Tour

    (Speed Boat)
    A 30 minutes speed boat ride from Hanuwantiya Tapu, Enjoy Trekking, Bird Watching and Botanical Walk.

  • Jal Mahotsav

    Jal Mahotsav in Hanuwantiya offers Cruise Boat, Parasailing, Zorbing & Water Scooter.

Hanuwantiya Packages

For Boriyamal Island:

Package Name Amount
1. Boriyamal Island Visit (SPEED BOAT) 4480/-

For Jal Mahotsav:

Boat Name Amount
1. Cruise Boat 4480/-
2. Parasailing 800/-
3. Zorbing 100/-
4. Water Scooter 600/-